Oral Presentation News Tuesday, Apr 19 2011 


Dr. Caldwell,
Here are the notes from Class tonight regarding the presentations that you asked me to email to you:
  • The presentation dates have been assigned (see Ikoro course calendar section)
  • Introduce yourself and then introduce the music topic; identify one of the main parts of your paper in depth
  • 15 minute presentation; no power-point needed, but you can use if you want to
  • Final papers due by MAY 19
Presentation Dates (after some people switched)
April 25       Music and Self Identity Presentations (15 mins each)
–Aleta, Alex, Chuby, David, Monique, Wendy, Jaymie, and Jessica
May 2          Music and Self Identity Presentations (15 mins each)
–Kathy, Kehli, Laurel, Lorena, Diego, Nailah, Nicholas, and Odin
May 9          Music and Self Identity Presentations (15 mins each)
–Joseph, Rebecca, Reina, Roxanna, Samuel, Tim, and Gail
Hope this helps.
Rebecca Chambers

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